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Working in Seoul

In 2021, Uber and TMap Mobility joined forces to launch UT (우티 → 우리들의 택시) in Korea. Combining the strengths of the two companies, UT strives to reimagine the way Korea moves. Join us as we build the future of mobility service for one of the world’s biggest taxi markets.

Building at UT


Teams reimagining in Seoul

  • We’re strategic storytellers, and we do it all: announce new products and safety features, share investor updates, leverage PR and influencers to amplify our voice, handle hot topics, and support employees, sharing information and stories in ways that bridge the gap between information and inspiration.

  • Community Operations is UT's customer support network, providing unmatched service to our community. Whether it’s helping new drivers get on the road for the first time, hosting logistics hubs for drivers in their city, or responding to customer inquiries.

  • Dedicated creative strategists, digital gurus, production wizards, brand experts, and consumer researchers, we’re customer champions at heart, keeping their needs front and center as we craft narratives, campaigns, and experiences designed to engage, inspire, and showcase the impact and connections UT creates.

  • Pinpointing strategic destinations and mapping the routes to get us there is what our operations launch team is all about. As thought leaders and analytical planners, we develop UT's strategy and bring it to life in collaboration with teams across the company and partners across the globe.

  • The Public Policy team engages policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for the future of mobility and demonstrate our value.

  • Our Sales team is the face of UT helping earners and companies everywhere unlock growth opportunities, drive product direction, and influence industry change.

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