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South San Francisco's Westborough neighborhood is home to professionals, families with kids, retirees, and a growing LGBT population. The majority of the homes date back to the 1960s, and contemporary housing includes lots of condos at the eastern end of the neighborhood. A shopping area at the northern end offers essential shopping convenient to residents.


The Tanforan area of San Bruno is a business district featuring the Tanforan shopping mall and a number of other businesses. Recent development has opened this neighborhood up to residential living, including numerous apartment buildings that are close to the mall and just a mile away from downtown Bruno.


Downtown South San Francisco is a charming community located south of Daly City, north of San Bruno. South San Francisco is not a section of San Francisco. They are two separate cities, each with their own government. South San Francisco is primarily a residential community that is approximately 20 minutes from beaches. It features mostly single-family houses, apartments, and strip shopping centers. This community has an abundance of authentic Mexican bakeries.

Crown Colony

Crown Colony is a residential Daly City neighborhood filled with contemporary homes built around 2000. This neighborhood is convenient to the freeway, and it has access to plenty of shopping and restaurants. The average age of Crown Colony residents is 46 years old, and 72 percent of residents are homeowners.


The Bayhill community is located in San Bruno, California, where you'll find a vast assortment of businesses as well as some single-family homes and multiple-dwelling residential units. Bayhill is conveniently located to San Bruno businesses and features a variety of restaurants, small cafes, coffee shops, and bars. The Bayhill Shopping Center has shops, pizzerias, a barbershop, financial institutions, and a fitness center.

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