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Beach Flats

The Beach Flats area of Santa Cruz spans roughly four acres of the city and is primarily residential, although it does have a few businesses. Located just north of the boardwalk of the Santa Cruz Main Beach, the Beach Flats is just a short walk away from downtown, and it's close to the University of California.

Ocean Street

Ocean Street, located in Santa Cruz, sits near the San Lorenzo River. Ocean Street is near the famous Monterey Bay. Restaurants, motels, hotels, local businesses, rehabilitation centers, tattoo parlors, and cafes are all located on Ocean Street. Some Victorian-style homes sit along Ocean Street down toward the river.


Santa Cruz's Seabright neighborhood is just blocks from the beach and serves as the gateway to Seabright Beach, a hip, happening place to hang out seaside. This laid-back neighborhood features a number of shops, bars and restaurants, which are mostly clustered at Seabright and Murray and make for a lively nightlife scene.


Eastside, located in Santa Cruz, sits along the famous Monterey Bay. The area is home to residents as well as restaurants, shops, bed and breakfasts, hotels, beach rentals, surf shops, Cowell Beach and the Municipal Wharf. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park is in the area, as well as the Neary Lagoon Park.

Arana Gulch

Arana Gulch is a community that runs along the southeastern section of Santa Cruz, California. This neighborhood contains a vast array of wildlife and vegetation. One of the major attractions of Arana Gulch is a natural trail lined with oak trees, wild plantain, and wildflowers. Some of the favorite activities in this area include hiking, jogging, and bird watching.

Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, California, is a state park that features a natural bridge that runs across a section of the beach. It hosts the Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve that provides a sanctuary for approximately 150,000 monarch butterflies during the winter months. In Natural Bridges State Beach, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, nature walks, and hiking year-round. When the wind blows, you'll be able to fly kites and wind surf.

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