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East Ridge, located in San Jose, is southeast of the San Francisco Bay area. The shopping area contains hamburger restaurants, Italian restaurants, movie theaters, sporting goods stores, craft stores, banks, supermarkets, shoe stores, a post office, and more. It is south of Cunningham Lake and Hidden Glen North.

King and Story

The community that surrounds the intersection of King Rd. and Story Rd. in San Jose is known for its Latino vibe. Also known as Tropicana, this neighborhood features coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. In addition to several fast food chains, the area has a number of options for street-style Mexican food. The residential areas include apartments and privately owned homes.

Willow Glen

Willow Glen, in San Jose, is a neighborhood known for its tree-lined avenues. The town offers fine art galleries, jewelry stores, apparel, arts and music, spas, and restaurants. Chinese, Italian, and ice cream shops can be found in Willow Glen. Events are held throughout the year including Halloween, a farmers market, Italian Family Festa, and the Founders Day Parade.

Paseo de San Antonio

Paseo de San Antonio, located in San Jose, is close to San Jose State University. There are a variety of businesses in the area, including coffee shops, taquerias, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, cafes, bars, and galleries. Paseo de San Antonio is located southeast of the San Francisco Bay area.

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