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South San Francisco

Sitting on the edge of the Bay, the city is close to the San Francisco International Airport and hosts parks with trails and picnic spots.


Home to music venues, Lake Merritt, Redwood Regional Park, and the Golden State Warriors, there's no shortage of things to do in Oakland.

San Jose

South of SF, San Jose hosts a blend of culture and technology. It's home to The Tech Museum of Innovation and Sunol Regional Wilderness.

Palo Alto

Known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is a bike-friendly city home to lots of green spaces, gardens, and cafes.

San Mateo

Sitting on the banks of the San Francisco Bay, this Silicon Valley city is home to tech companies, festivals, dining, and plenty of hiking spots.

Mountain View

Home to Google's headquarters, Mountain View sits at the edge of the San Francisco Bay and offers a surplus of outdoor activities.


Home to the famous Greek Theatre and the Berkeley Rose Garden, there's plenty to do in this progressive city/vibrant college town.

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