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Not far from San Francisco State University sits Stonestown, a popular destination featuring restaurants, dining, events, movies, and more. Cox Stadium is located nearby and offers different sporting events throughout the year.

West Portal

West Portal, located in San Francisco, is a small neighborhood near The Bay. Many mom and pop stores are in West Portal. The neighborhood offers the village feel and has nail salons, cafes, Italian restaurants, commercial businesses, and more. Mt. Davidson Park is close to West Portal, as well as Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove.

Outer Sunset

The Outer Sunset sits on the western side of San Francisco, sharing borders with Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, two of the city's popular outdoor destinations. Locals and tourists visit this part of town not only for the park and the ocean, but also for the food. It's a particularly popular destination for Asian cuisine. Some of its restaurants and cafes include Outerlands, Devil's Teeth Baking Company, Andytown Coffee Roasters, and countless others.


Sunnyside, located in San Francisco, sits just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. Monterey Boulevard runs through Sunnyside with shops, bars, delis, schools, and the Sunnyside Conservatory. The City College of San Francisco - Ocean Campus - sits in Sunnyside. There are a lot of residents in the Sunnyside area. Some of the homes take on a Victorian feel in the neighborhood.

Crown Colony

Crown Colony is a residential Daly City neighborhood filled with contemporary homes built around 2000. This neighborhood is convenient to the freeway, and it has access to plenty of shopping and restaurants. The average age of Crown Colony residents is 46 years old, and 72 percent of residents are homeowners.

Glen Park

The Glen Park neighborhood in San Francisco is primarily a residential community tucked away at the edge of the San Miguel Range, with the streets following the contours of the Fairmount range toward a commercial area known as Downtown Glen Park. This colorful, artsy, and picturesque village features a variety of locally owned businesses, including organic markets, coffee shops, and fashion boutiques. Here is where you'll find miles of hiking trails in the wooded hillside. Lush with greenery and colorful flowers, most of the Glen Park residents are within walking distance of shops and businesses.

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