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Bernal Heights

Cafes, fruit markets, restaurants, and residences dot the landscape in Bernal Heights. Events are held throughout the year here, including the San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Derby, the outdoor cinema, and the Fiesta on the Hill street fair.

The Castro

An iconic San Francisco neighborhood, The Castro was one of the country's first gay neighborhoods. Tourists and locals alike head to The Castro to enjoy its great food scene as well as its gay bars and nightclubs. The Castro Theatre, which shows movies and also hosts sing-alongs and the GLBT Historic Museum are two of the neighborhood's standout attractions.

Mission Dolores

"The Mission" as it's called, is filled with popular coffee shops and restaurants; bars, and second-hand shops, making it a popular destination no matter the time of day. This neighborhood is also home to Dolores Park, which attracts people of all ages for picnics, partying, and people-watching. The area's popular residential area borders Valencia and Sanchez Streets, as well as 20th and 22nd Streets.

Duboce Triangle

The Duboce Triangle neighborhood is home to the beloved Duboce Park, landscaped sidewalks, Victorian style homes, and apartment buildings. Though mostly residential, you'll find a few businesses and parks that cater to the people who live in this central neighborhood, which is nestled among several others, including The Castro, Eureka Valley, the Lower Haight, and the Mission District.

Inner Mission

The San Francisco Inner Mission is a diverse neighborhood home to a mix of thrift stores, coffeehouses, bookstores, restaurants, and more. This area boasts a vibrant music and arts scene, hosting festivals, parades, and fairs throughout the year.

Lower Haight

Visit the Lower Haight and you'll find Victorian-era houses, cafes, small shops, and happening bars, most of which surround Haight and Fillmore streets. Just a stroll from the popular Divisadero Street and the charming Duboce Park, there's plenty of places to explore in and around the Lower Haight. One such bar is Toronado's, whose lengthy list of beers on tap attract locals thirsty for a beer.

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