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Downtown Campbell, California, is part of Silicon Valley and boasts being the location where eBay was founded. The Federal Bureau of Investigation South Bay offices are located in the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell. Some of the restaurants in Campbell include Orchard City Kitchen, Uncle John's Pancake House, Mo's Burger Restaurant, and Brown Chicken Brown Cow.


The Broadway area of Los Gatos is known for a pulsing nightlife and multiple shopping opportunities. You'll find a variety of hotels and a vast assortment of restaurants in the area to suit most tastes. Some of the main attractions in this area include the Old Town Los Gatos Shopping Center, Old Town Center, and the Number One Broadway nightclub.

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square, located in San Jose, just south of San Francisco, offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and events. The San Pedro Square Market features live music, a barber shop, a beer company, and coffee shops. San Pedro Square is in the heart of downtown San Jose and is close to St. James Park, as well as the San Jose Museum of Art.


Cambrian is in the western area of San Jose, California, and is known for having excellent schools. Although it doesn't have a downtown area like other communities in San Jose, it does have plenty of shopping and restaurants to serve the community. Cambrian has a farmers market, an assortment of parks, an active recreation center, and an award-winning hospital.

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