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New Monterey

Located in northeast Monterey, New Monterey is home to residential neighborhoods and nightlife. Visitors can enjoy restaurants and shopping on New Monterey's main street, Lighthouse Avenue. Cannery Row also offers visitors restaurant and shopping choices, along with providing views of Monterey Bay.

Old Town

Old Town in Salinas, California, is a picturesque town near parks, beaches, and other popular attractions. Old Town hosts a Market Place, a Holiday Parade of Lights, Veteran's Day Parade, concerts, and many other events that bring residents and visitors together. Treat yourself to a haircut at Furey's Old Town Barber before you visit the many charming local shops in Old Town.


Downtown Santa Cruz offers locals and residents plenty of places to shop and dine, along with ample entertainment choices. Restaurants here offer visitors a chance to taste a variety of cuisines. A couple options include, Betty's Eat Inn, a diner that serves steaks, burgers, and alcohol-spiked milkshakes, and Little Shanghai, which offers traditional Asian cuisine. Shopping choices range from consignment stores to upscale boutiques.

Beach Flats

The Beach Flats area of Santa Cruz spans roughly four acres of the city and is primarily residential, although it does have a few businesses. Located just north of the boardwalk of the Santa Cruz Main Beach, the Beach Flats is just a short walk away from downtown, and it's close to the University of California.

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square, located in San Jose, just south of San Francisco, offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and events. The San Pedro Square Market features live music, a barber shop, a beer company, and coffee shops. San Pedro Square is in the heart of downtown San Jose and is close to St. James Park, as well as the San Jose Museum of Art.

Arana Gulch

Arana Gulch is a community that runs along the southeastern section of Santa Cruz, California. This neighborhood contains a vast array of wildlife and vegetation. One of the major attractions of Arana Gulch is a natural trail lined with oak trees, wild plantain, and wildflowers. Some of the favorite activities in this area include hiking, jogging, and bird watching.

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