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Irvington is a community in the city of Fremont, California. The high school in Irvington emphasizes academics as well as healthy living and character. Residents and visitors in this district enjoy a peaceful, family-friendly environment. Some of the restaurants in Irvington include Pakwan Pakistani Restaurant, Fremont Bawarchi Indian Restaurant, Pizza and Curry Restaurant, and Mirchi Café that features American food.


The Central-Downtown community in Fremont, California, is bustling with activities for residents and visitors. Some of the events hosted by the downtown area include a Burger and Brew Fest, the Fremont Fourth of July Parade, the Fremont Festival of the Arts, the Festival of India and Parade, and Downtown Halloween Trick or Treating. The residential area in Central-Downtown Fremont includes a mix of apartments and single-family homes.

Little Kabul

Little Kabul is a commercial area in Fremont's Centerville District. A cultural hub for the Bay Area's large Afghan-American community, Little Kabul is home to numerous Afghani-owned businesses, including restaurants and bakeries. The centrally located Maiwand Market sells hundreds of imported items from Afghanistan, including groceries and trinkets.


Murietta is located in the southwestern section of Riverside County in California. The city's motto, "Gem of the Valley," is featured with a diamond on its official seal. This ethnically-diverse community offers a variety of activities, including golf, youth sports, go-cart racing, a comedy club, a trampoline park, and more.


Centerville, located in Fremont, is southeast of the San Francisco Bay area. The Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, as well as Niles Community Park and Alameda Creek Regional Trail, is in the vicinity. The highly residential area also has several schools, a post office, restaurants, coffee houses, gas stations, and churches.


One of the biggest attractions in the Ardenwood district of Fremont, California, is the Ardenwood Farm. Ardenwood is still a working farm and is a refuge for at least 99 varieties of birds. The surrounding area is peaceful, friendly, and safe, making Ardenwood one of the most desirable neighborhoods for families.

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