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Camelback, located in Pleasant Hill, is located near the Chilpancingo Parkway. The highly populated area offers shopping centers, restaurants, large department stores, and the California Grand Casino. Camelback is east of the Briones Regional Park and west of Interstate 680 and northeast of the San Francisco Bay area.

Todos Santos

The active community known as Todos Santos was founded in 1724 as a mission, and it later became a hub for sugar cane production. Today, this vibrant village features churches, a theater, a cultural center and museum, and many other points of interest. Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the community for the Historic Home Tour, music festival, and art festival. Todos Santos boasts beaches, hotels, spas, and restaurants. Some of the favorite dining establishments in Todos Santos include La Santena, El Gusto, Miguel's Restaurant, The Garden Restaurant, and La Casita Tapas and Wine Bar.


Ellinwood is home to restaurants, sporting good shops, candy stores, hotels, and more. Situated northeast of San Francisco, Ellinwood is also a popular residential area, housing several apartment villages and townhomes.

Downtown Walnut Creek

Downtown Walnut Creek features a free trolley service that transports residents and visitors around the area. Shops, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural destinations abound in this vibrant section of the city, which you can learn all about on the Downtown Heritage Walk, a self-guided cellphone-based walking tour showcasing the area's 165-year history.

Los Medanos

Los Medanos, located in Pittsburg, is northeast of San Francisco. Los Medanos College, Somersville Towne Center, and the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds are all in the Los Medanos area. Many shops, including shopping malls, are in the area. Los Medanos sits south of the Dow Wetlands Preserve, Browns Island, and Winter Island.

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