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Tangerine Hookah Lounge

Tangerine Hookah Lounge
Tangerine Hookah Lounge
Tangerine Hookah Lounge
30 Fountain Alley Ste 150, San Jose, CA
(408) 634-5450
Tangerine Hookah Lounge is an elegant hookah bar located in Downtown San Jose. From the bar, you can choose from more than 40 types of fine Shisha tobacco. If you're new to hookah, the staff will be glad to recommend a blend. The bar serves a variety of teas as well as soft drinks and energy drinks. Desserts and snacks are also available. Many people head to the bar after work and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi service that is available while you smoke.


Map of Tangerine Hookah Lounge at 30 Fountain Alley Ste 150 San Jose, CAPin

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30 Fountain Alley Ste 150,
San Jose
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