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Patterson's Pub & Grill
Patterson's Pub & Grill
Patterson's Pub & Grill
9057 Windsor Rd, Windsor, CA
(707) 838-7821
Patterson's Pub and Grill, located on the Windsor Town Green, offers the experience of a traditional Irish pub. The menu includes ham and Swiss sandwiches, pub chips, Shepherd's pie, eggs benedict, and Patterson's Irish Rueben on dark rye, covered in their own spicy Guinness grain mustard. An outdoor patio is open during the warmer months for guests. The bar offers 21 beers on tap, along with top-shelf liquor, and local wines. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4pm to 5:30pm.


Map of Patterson's Pub & Grill at 9057 Windsor Rd Windsor, CAPin

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9057 Windsor Rd,
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