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114 Greenfield Ave, San Anselmo, CA
(415) 456-3614
Since 1960, the spot where Matteucci's now stands has been the site of a local watering hole. The current retro dive bar to occupy the space has stood there since 1973 and is now the only bar in San Anselmo. Kitsch decor with numerous celebrity photos fill the walls and ceiling. A gas fireplace helps to set the ambiance for the rustic, cozy space. The bar menu includes classic standards. Skilled bartenders have many cocktails in the repertoire and are always willing to muddle your drinks.


Loved by locals
Loved by locals
Do as the locals do? This destination is popular among local riders


Map of Matteucci's at 114 Greenfield Ave San Anselmo, CAPin

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114 Greenfield Ave,
San Anselmo
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