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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
102 Castro St, Mountain View, CA
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Mountain View is a chain eatery with clean, modern digs and comfy booths and chairs. Featuring traditional Mongolian hot pot cuisine, Little Sheep invites you to cook your own meal just how you like it, right at your table. The hot pot base is a delicious broth that's made from scratch each day. Choices include original, spicy, or half and half. You choose the meats and vegetables you like, add it to your broth, and cook it in a metal pot on the burner built into each table. Ingredients to choose from include noodles, lamb wontons, house shrimp balls, scallops, Angus beef, and a whole slew of veggies.


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Map of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot at 102 Castro St Mountain View, CAPin

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102 Castro St,
Mountain View
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