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Lion Supermarket
Lion Supermarket
Lion Supermarket
39055 Cedar Blvd Ste 168, Newark, CA
(510) 742-8179
Located in a shopping plaza between Mowry and Magazine Avenues, Lion Supermarket is an Asian grocery store. In addition to fresh produce, fish, and meat, Lion Supermarket stocks a broad array of products from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Korea. Lion Supermarket carries the otherwise hard-to-find ingredients that you need to make your favorite Asian recipes. In addition to imported noodles, spices, sauces, and more, Lion Supermarket carries Chinese ointments, unique teas, and a wide variety of candies and snacks that you can't buy at your corner store.


Loved by locals
Loved by locals
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Loved by locals


Map of Lion Supermarket at 39055 Cedar Blvd Ste 168 Newark, CAPin

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39055 Cedar Blvd Ste 168,
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