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Izakaya Sozai

Izakaya Sozai
Izakaya Sozai
Izakaya Sozai
Tue 5:30pm - 10pm
5:30pm - 10pm
5:30pm - 10pm
5:30pm - 10pm
5:30pm - 10pm
5:30pm - 11pm
5pm - 11pm
5pm - 10pm
Open now
1500 Irving St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 742-5122
If you're in the mood for truly authentic Japanese fare, head to Izakaya Sozai in Inner Sunset. The cozy spot offers a selection of small plates that are sure to satisfy. Order the hamachi carpaccio to start and then follow it with the bacon-wrapped enoki mushroom yakitori or braised pork belly nimono to experience the specialties of the house. An impressive selection of jumani, ginjo, and daiginjo sake is available to pair with your meal.


Map of Izakaya Sozai at 1500 Irving St San Francisco, CAPin

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1500 Irving St,
San Francisco
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