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Indian Street Cafe

Indian Street Cafe
Indian Street Cafe
Indian Street Cafe
927 E Arques Ave Ste 141, Sunnyvale, CA
(669) 246-5034
The vintage decor inside recalls a vintage cafe or diner, but the interior space is actually quite large at Indian Street Cafe and filled with unique Indian furniture and designs. The authentic menu is made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients and made with traditional cooking techniques. You can sit at one of the long, communal tables or enjoy a booth built into a three-wheel taxi that could have come from any busy street in Mumbai. Order your chai beverage of choice from the playfully rustic tea stall set up by the entrance.


Loved by locals
Loved by locals
Do as the locals do? This destination is popular among local riders
Loved by locals


Map of Indian Street Cafe at 927 E Arques Ave Ste 141 Sunnyvale, CAPin

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927 E Arques Ave Ste 141,
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