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3288 Pierce St Ste A-105, Richmond, CA
(415) 343-5195
Inca's Palace is a Peruvian nightclub and restaurant near Albany, CA. It is known for live music and a Latin American vibe. A full menu features Peruvian favorites including pisco sour, chicken empanadas, aji de gallina, fried yucca, anticuchos (cow's hearts), ceviche, lomo saltado (Peruvian stir fry), and more. The menu is also accessible for vegetarian diners. A wide variety of drinks are available, ranging from top-shelf cocktails to well drinks. Inca's Palace is situated in a shopping center.


Loved by locals
Loved by locals
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Popular on weekends
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Loved by locals
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Map of Inca's Palace at 3288 Pierce St Ste A-105 Richmond, CAPin

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3288 Pierce St Ste A-105,
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