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HoneyBaked Ham
HoneyBaked Ham
HoneyBaked Ham
11 Colma Blvd, Colma, CA
(650) 756-9892
Honeybaked Ham is a café and meat shop in Colma, CA. Honeybaked Ham is famous for its bone-in, honey cured, slow-cooked, ready-to-serve hams. They come with a patented, spiral slicing process and wrapped in their signature gold foil. The sweet-glazed hams are a staple for many families' holiday celebrations. The store is decorated to look homey with old-fashioned wallpaper and dark wood counters. They also sell boxed lunches and dinner buffets for take-out dining. Family dinner combos include a choice of their signature meats (ham, turkey, roast beef, tri-tip, BBQ ribs) and side dishes such as stuffing or creamy corn. Parking is plentiful, but waits are extensive at holiday times.


Map of HoneyBaked Ham at 11 Colma Blvd Colma, CAPin

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11 Colma Blvd,
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