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Chaat Bhavan
Chaat Bhavan
Chaat Bhavan
4112 Grafton St, Dublin, CA
(925) 829-1700
Chaat Bhavan is a small local chain of vegetarian Indian restaurants. These plant-based eateries serve up extensive menus of spicy snacks, vegetable thali curries, curry-stuffed wraps, and Indian flatbreads. An array of sweet desserts is offered, alongside a drink menu filled with specialty coffees, chai, and lassi drinks. Chaat Bhavan boasts three locations: Dublin, Fremont, and Sunnyvale. Their restaurant in Dublin, CA is located on Grafton St, just south of the intersection with Dublin Blvd.


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Brunch spot
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Map of Chaat Bhavan at 4112 Grafton St Dublin, CAPin

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4112 Grafton St,
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