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Century Hilltop 16
Century Hilltop 16
Century Hilltop 16
3200 Klose Way, Richmond, CA
(510) 758-9628
Century Hilltop 16, located in Richmond, offers a large selection of movies and new releases each week. The theater features the REAL D 3D experience, as well as D-BOX, reserved seating, and digital cinema. Weekly discounts are offered at the theater. Concessions are available at Century Hilltop, including popcorn, Black Angus hot dogs, candy, soft drinks, Fanta, ICEEs, and more. Nutritional and allergen information is listed on the website. Closed captioning is provided in most theaters.


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Map of Century Hilltop 16 at 3200 Klose Way Richmond, CAPin

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3200 Klose Way,
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