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Bill's Cafe
Bill's Cafe
Bill's Cafe
7am - 1pm
8am - 12pm
7am - 1pm
6am - 12pm
7am - 1pm
7am - 2pm
7am - 2pm
Closed now
2089 The Alameda, San Jose, CA
(408) 244-9085
Bill's Café has been a long-standing breakfast and brunch spot since 1977 with 9 locations. They offer all-day breakfast fare alongside standard lunch options (even making their soups from scratch each day). Guests have plenty of options to choose from on their extensive menu, with over 16 different omelet creations, as well as French toast, pancakes and more (and that's just breakfast). No reservations are required at this family-friendly and casual spot that offers both indoor and outdoor dining options.


Loved by visitors
Loved by visitors
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Brunch spot
Brunch spot
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Map of Bill's Cafe at 2089 The Alameda San Jose, CAPin

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2089 The Alameda,
San Jose
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