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Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course
Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course
Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course
1 McClure Way, Seaside, CA
(831) 899-7271
The Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course is a popular golf course and event space located in Seaside, CA. Stop for a bite to eat at the popular Bayonet Grill, where you'll find everything from gourmet burgers and hot dogs to calamari, fish and chips, and pulled pork sandwiches. Next, take a spin on the par-72, 104-yard golf course that was recently renovated by award-winning architect Gene Bates. Weddings and banquets are also popular at Bayonet & Black Horse thanks to the natural beauty and world-class facilities found here.


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Map of Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course at 1 McClure Way Seaside, CAPin

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1 McClure Way,
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