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A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar
A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar
A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar
Ocean Ave, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
(831) 624-6605
Seafood and cocktails are on board at A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar, a restaurant that combines a classic seafood shack menu with an old-time inn exterior sign and a cozy, comfortable modern dining room and bar. Popular menu items include the combo platters and oyster on the half shell. The authentic vintage cocktails are all mixed by hand and from scratch, often incorporating goodies like shrimp and oversize crackers. The bar has other treats available, like more than 130 varieties of scotch and an equally impressive choices for rum, vodka, and other liquors.


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Map of A.W. Shucks Cocktail & Oyster Bar at Ocean Ave Carmel-by-the-Sea, CAPin

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Ocean Ave,
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