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Artichoke Joe's Casino

Artichoke Joe's Casino
Artichoke Joe's Casino
Artichoke Joe's Casino
659 Huntington Ave, San Bruno, CA
(650) 589-3547
A card club in San Bruno with vintage wallpaper, designer carpet, and ultra-comfy chairs, Artichoke Joe's Casino has welcomed card sharks and novices alike since it opened in 1916. This historic, 24-hour card house features food and beverage delivery to gaming tables, which include Pai Gow, Texas Hold'Em, and numerous other popular games. A bar nestled in the back of the building features a large fireplace and Tiffany-style lamps for a cozy vibe and serves up beer, wine, and cocktails, along with typical bar bites like burgers, sandwiches, and soups.


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Popular weekend evenings
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Popular weekend nights
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Map of Artichoke Joe's Casino at 659 Huntington Ave San Bruno, CAPin

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659 Huntington Ave,
San Bruno
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