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Abbas Sadat

Abbas is a Senior Research Scientist at Uber ATG R&D working on self-driving vehicles. His research interest lies in robotics, focusing on leveraging machine learning for safe decision-making and motion planning. Before joining ATG, he worked as an autonomous driving research engineer at Bosch Research. Abbas obtained his computing science PhD from SFU in 2016. His PhD research was on planning and decision-making for small UAVs.

Recent publications

Perceive, Predict, and Plan: Safe Motion Planning Through Interpretable Semantic Representations

Abbas Sadat*, Sergio Casas*, Mengye Ren, Xinyu Wu, Pranaab Dhawan, Raquel Urtasun (ECCV 2020)

Testing the Safety of Self-driving Vehicles by Simulating Perception and Prediction

Kelvin Wong, Qiang Zhang, Ming Liang, Bin Yang, Renjie Liao, Abbas Sadat, Raquel Urtasun (ECCV 2020)

Jointly Learnable Behavior and Trajectory Planning for Self-Driving Vehicles

Abbas Sadat*, Mengye Ren*, Andrei Pokrovsky, Yen-Chen Lin, Ersin Yumer, Raquel Urtasu (IROS 2019, oral)

End-to-End Interpretable Neural Motion Planner

Wenyuan Zeng*, Wenjie Luo*, Simon Suo, Abbas Sadat, Bin Yang, Sergio Casas, Raquel Urtasun (CVPR 2019, oral)