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تخطٍ للوصول إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

The real legendary riders and drivers of Beirut

We love all our riders and drivers, but few will become legends. Share your legendary stories or suggest someone you think should be the next Uber Legend.

Meet the Uber Legends in Lebanon

  • Hussam

    193 comments for all the good conversations. (We'll be waiting for the next story.)

  • Issam

    Ordered 313 trips between 1 and 6 AM. (Where is the next night out?)

  • Sirine

    Booked 61 trips at exactly 7:27 AM. (Must have started a new job!)

  • Rachel

    She has been riding with us since day 1. (She's part of the Family.)

  • Rafi

    Beirut's top-rated driver. (He must have a star in Hollywood.)

  • Sleiman

    Visited 12 cities with us this year. (Where to next?)

  • Riyad

    Drove 67,904KM with us this year. (That's almost 6 times Lebanon!)


Are you worthy of the status?

For a chance to become an official Uber Legend, tell us what makes you legendary as an Uber rider. Are you Uber’s most forgetful rider? Or have you given us the most compliments this month? Get inspired by our current Uber Legends and tell us why you should be one of them.

Suggest a friend

Do you know someone who’s worthy of the Uber Legends status? Tell us who they are and we’ll connect with them to hear what makes them legendary.

#UberLegends Event

We’ll be rewarding all of our legends at a special event in Beirut, Lebanon. Stay tuned to find out how we’re recognizing and celebrating our first ever #UberLegends.