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成为 Uber One 会员,即可享受 Uber Eats 优食和优步优惠

Become an Uber One member for savings and exclusive offers on Uber and Uber Eats.

Sign up for just ¥498 / month or ¥3,988 / year.

First time users can enjoy 1 month free.


Unlimited ¥0 Delivery Fee on eligible food above 1,200JPY, groceries above 1,400JPY.




乘车可优惠 5%,并享受由高评分司机提供的服务。


仅限 Uber One 会员享受的 Uber Eats 优食和优步特别优惠。

Uber One 会员每月平均可节省 $1500。*

Become a member for just 498JPY/month & 3998 JPY/Year.

Use your benefits wherever Uber Eats and Uber are available within Japan.

You can stop your subscription without any additional fee.

*Average savings by Uber One, January 31 - March 1, 2023.

Terms and conditions : 

  1. "0 yen Delivery fee" benefit applies only to orders placed within the Uber Eats service area in Japan and at stores near you that display the "Uber One" golden icon. If the order amount (excluding "delivery fee", "service fee", “marketplace fee” and “small order fee”. The same shall apply hereunder) exceeds 1,200 yen including tax with respect to restaurants or if the order amount exceeds 1,400 yen including tax with respect to non-restaurants (“Eligible Orders”), you can use the service as many times as you like with a delivery fee of 0 yen. ("service fee", “marketplace fee” and “small order fee” will continue to apply).

  2. For Eligible Orders, Uber One members can enjoy up to 30% off on the service fee (up to 450 yen) compared to non members.

  3. Uber One Promise is applicable to Eligible Orders only. Uber One Promise is based on the Latest Arrival estimate, determined once you place your order. Uber One Promise does not guarantee your order will be delivered by the Latest Arrival estimate.You will receive Uber Credit in your account in case a Delivery Partner does not arrive by the Latest Arrival estimate. Issued credit will expire after 14 days. Uber One Promise shall not apply to delivery services provided by merchants.

  4. 5% off on Uber (Taxi/Premium) rides fare is capped at 5000 yen per ride. In case of cash trips, you will receive Uber Credit equivalent to 5% of fares later instead of 5% savings on fares at the time of the ride. Uber Credit will be applied to your account within 10 days and will expire after 56 days. The discount is not applied to Uber Hourly Charter Service.

  5. Top-rated drivers for Uber (Taxi/Premium) are highly rated drivers selected by Uber at its discretion and may not be available for every ride.

  6. Uber One may not be applied to new products of Uber Eats or Uber which may be launched in the future.

  7. “Uber One” is available to accounts registered with the email address receiving this email and is redeemable only via the UberEats App. Please download the latest version of the UberEats App to purchase “Uber One”.

  8. Your Monthly “Uber One” will begin and be valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

  9. For new members, your Annual “Uber One” will begin and be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. For existing members, your Annual “Uber One” will begin and be valid 12 months from the date after your current billing month ends.

  10. Your "Uber One" will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it 48 hours before the next renewal. Check your Uber One for the Uber Eats app from your account. Check the terms of use

  11. If you cancel your Annual “Uber One” after the first 30 days of purchase, you will not get a full refund and your Annual “Uber One” benefits will continue until the expiration date.

  12. Uber One’s free trial will be automatically renewed and you will be charged membership fee stated in your offer at the beginning of each billing cycle unless you cancel it 48 hours before the expiry of the trial period. By using Uber One’s free trial, you authorize Uber to charge the membership fee (including Consumption Tax) on each billing date. In order to avoid incurring the charge for the billing cycle, please cancel in App up to 48 hours before the expiry of the trial period or contact support.

  13. Uber One is a subscription service offered by Uber Eats Japan, Inc. Click here for the display based on the Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions.