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Vehicle rental solutions for delivery partners

Uber delivery partners can connect with our vehicle rental, leasing and finance providers that offer a variety of deals in select citites.

Rent a motorcycle

Honda Mobility Solutions

Plan: Subscription (Rental)
Price: From ¥14,500 per month (including taxes)

  • Please create your account from the website below for free and apply for the subscription
  • The above price includes insurance, maintenance costs, as well as the free delivery of the motorcycle to your home. There is no downpayment, initial cost or cancellation fee, so you can easily try the subscription starting with just for a month
  • In unfortunate case of a traffic accident, the plan includes the support via phone and roadside assistance
  • You will be able to download an image of the license plate (attached to the motorcycle) and mandatory insurance information as soon as you apply for the rental.

Rent or Purchase a Bicycle

Cycle Spot

Plan: Purchase

We are offering a special campaign for the purchaser of Cycle Spot Bicycle!

  • Purchase the bicycle at Cycle Spot partnership site ※1
  • Complete 40 trips within 30 days after receiving the announcement email ※ 2
  • Incentive 20,000 JPY will be paid after achieving the requirement

※ 1 :Please make sure to use the registered phone number and email address in Uber Eats when you purchase
※ 2:The email will be sent out after the completion of payment

Available in: All Japan

The information on this web page is for informational purposes only and may not apply in your country, region or city. In addition, please note that it is subject to change without notice. Please contact each service provider for details.

The vehicle rental service is not provided by Uber. As a result, Uber does not guarantee or recommend the use of the service.