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Uber is a technology company. We make a smartphone app that provides users with an on-demand, private car service that takes them safely and smoothly to where they need to go, in 115 cities around the world-- at the push of a button.

Our revenues have grown more than 10-fold in just the past year, and they’ve accelerated with the launch of Uber in seven new cities over the past two months.

On another level, Uber is about applying mobile technology, data-driven decision making, and world-class operations teams to solve a massive, offline problem: urban transport.

These are early days. Come join us, and help us build a new fabric for urban logistics that is redefining the way people experience and get around a city.


The GM role at Uber is one of the most demanding positions we have to offer. As Uber’s leader in a given city, the GM is responsible for the development and growth of our business in that city. You are literally rolling out a new transportation system in your metropolis, and you will set the tone for Uber’s presence and team there. 

In practice, this is a role where creativity meets analytics head-on. It’s first and foremost a job for a strong marketer, focused on reaching new users and extending the Uber brand to the masses. But as the city lead, you’ll also be responsible for operational excellence and maintaining ‘Uber quality’ throughout the rider’s experience. Customer support, local marketing, supply chain management, yield management, social media, and PR are all a part of the GM role. And while continual improvement and a focus on quality are constants, we believe in solving local problems with local solutions, so understanding your market is crucial. 


  • Language - The ability to speak, read and write Bahasa Melayu is preferred. 
  • Hunger and humility - Uber moves fast, and runs lean. Our GM's are entrepreneurs who build new businesses and possess an almost unstoppable, driving ambition to see those businesses grow. They’re never satisfied with the status quo, and have zero qualms about getting their hands dirty (picture handing out discount codes in taxi lines, or hanging out at a gas station to introduce drivers to Uber).  
  • Analytical ability - We take an intensely data-driven approach to running our business. An Uber GM has to be able to think strategically about a market, and should really enjoy the process of constantly iterating on data -- generating insights from it, as well as turning around and executing on those insights in order to optimize a given part of the business (user demand, driver supply, revenue, etc).
  • Creative instincts - GM’s truly get the cities they run; they know what makes them tick, who to go to for help, and how to get things done in them. They use that expertise to set a vision for the city, intelligently segment its users, and generate creative ideas to market to those groups in the right ways.  
  • Leadership - not necessarily formal people management. GM's lead as a function of their vision, intellect, and gravitas. And because they continually strive for excellence in everything they do, they motivate and stretch the rest of the team to achieve.


  • Travel like a diplomat: employees get tons of free Uber credits!
  • Ground floor opportunity: build a big business from scratch in Malaysia, and shape the strategic direction of the market
  • Make a difference: we’re not just another social web app: we’re moving real people/assets and changing transportation for the future
  • We have access to an amazing list of advisors and investors that we actively engage

Full-time salary negotiable based on experience, and equity compensation plan.

** Before we chat, we'd love for our candidates to try Uber first hand and give us any feedback. It also leads to a much more productive conversation. To help you with this, we are offering you a promo code (new users only) to experience Uber in KL!  
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