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Advanced Technologies Group

at Uber

We pride ourselves on the amazing team we’ve built. Uber's Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) is looking for world-class researchers, engineers, and product specialists who prioritize safety and want to join our mission to bring safe, reliable self-driving transportation to everyone, everywhere.

Why Uber ATG?

Big Opportunities

Help change the way people and things move while helping to create a positive impact on the environment and the cities we live in.

Your Impact & Reach

Design and implement solutions that are used by millions of our riders and driver-partners every day.

Smart Minds

Solve unique engineering challenges alongside some of the brightest people in the industry.


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Explore our ATG teams


Software Engineering at Uber ATG has a fascinating, diverse mix of teams. From deep learning and neural networks, to robotics, maps, simulation, security and data science, if there's a type of software you're interested in, we probably do it. Uber is uniquely well-positioned to bring self-driving to the world through its ride-sharing network.


Our Hardware Engineering teams cover vast engineering disciplines working cross-functionally in all areas of self-driving vehicles. With a multi-faceted approach that addresses challenges at the mechanical, electrical, and firmware levels, our R&D Hardware Engineering teams set the bar for talent.

Systems Engineering and Testing

The Systems Engineering & Testing (SE&T) team at Uber ATG is charged with answering, “What does the system need to do, what is the architecture, how is it performing, and when do we release it?” We are the cross-functional, technical interface between Product, Safety, Hardware, Software, and Operations. Our goal is to ensure a holistic system design that optimizes across domains.

Product and Design

Our Product & Design team builds on a platform of deep empathy for our users both internally and externally, turning complex technology into elegant product solutions.

Technical Program Management

Technical Program Management oversees delivery of strategic programs to the business. Our programs are an independent source of truth for the organization. We ensure that timely decisions are made and that data and risk are well understood and managed. In the course of delivering programs, we drive continuous improvement within teams and growth of organizational capabilities. We are building the execution platform that will deliver self-driving to the world.

Systems Safety

The System Safety team within Uber ATG is charged with ensuring that, at every stage of development, our self-driving vehicles are demonstrably safe when operating on public roads. We also hold primary responsibility for establishing durable specifications that will guide the integration of self-driving technology onto the Uber network at global scale.


We are a group of diverse researchers, engineers, and computer scientists working to develop perception algorithms for self-driving vehicles. Reliability and scalability are key drivers for us as our software must perform across a large fleet of vehicles in complex and diverse operating areas.

Global Supply Chain and Business Operations

ATG’s Global Supply Chain & Business Operations team is responsible for scaling technology and processes to deliver reliable and accessible transportation for the Uber platform. From strategic sourcing, manufacturing integration, strategic finance, supply chain data analytics, to site operations, this team scales it all for Uber ATG.

Policy Engineering

The Policy Engineering team sits at the intersection of a complex engineering challenge and a new and constantly evolving regulatory landscape. We provide technical advice to inform both internal stakeholders and external engagement with respect to self-driving vehicles and work cross-functionally to ensure deep alignment between Uber’s policy strategies and Uber ATG’s technical approaches to development and deployment of this technology.

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Technical Program Management
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