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Rides and meals for events

Improve attendance and make your event memorable with custom ride and meal programs. Perfect for in-person or virtual events.

Ways our platform can help make your event a success

  • Increase attendance with promotions

    Vouchers can add buzz to your marketing efforts and keep attendees engaged during the event with complimentary meals, delivered wherever they are.

  • Send a special thank you

    Show your appreciation for guest speakers or presenters with an Uber gift card they can use to get tasty treats delivered right to them.

  • Incentivize attendee feedback

    Improve event satisfaction response rates and engagement with the incentive of Uber Cash.


Planning a large event?

Looking to subsidize rides or meals at an event with thousands of attendees? Our team is happy to help make sure your event is a success.

“Providing vouchers for Uber Eats at our last event was a fantastic complement to the experience.”

Deb Hopkins, Founder, Causeway 305, a Shopify partner

Make your event unforgettable

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