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Driver profiles

Know your driver before they arrive

With Uber, you’re always in the know. Our app is designed so drivers and riders know who they’re riding with from the get-go, giving you peace of mind and security. Your driver’s name, licence number, photo, rating and vehicle details are available in your app. Drivers can also choose to share their interests, the languages they speak and compliments from previous riders in their profile.

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Surge pricing

A ride home, wherever, whenever

We believe you should always be able to get a safe ride in minutes, even if it’s really busy and everyone else wants one too. That’s why you see dynamic pricing, sometimes called ‘surge’. This feature automatically kicks in when demand for rides exceeds available drivers in an area. An increase in fares encourages drivers to head to the busy area, meaning you can rely on Uber to get a ride.

Background checks for drivers

Peace of mind when you're on the road

Every driver that uses the Uber app in the UK goes through an enhanced background check through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) before they can start driving. This gives you even more security, safety and peace of mind when you’re taking a trip.

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Journey tracking

Always on the map

When you travel with Uber, you’re always on the map. With our trip tracker, each ride is GPS-tracked with a record of your driver and route. So you can always see where you’ve been and where you’re heading. From the Uber app, you can also share your journey with anyone you choose. It could be your mum, your friends or a colleague - they’ll be able to see where you are as you ride on our live map.

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Driver support

Flexibility and security, for all drivers

We’re always looking for ways to to make driving with Uber even better. For example, we’ve partnered with AXA to provide access to a unique package of benefits and protections for self-employed drivers. The AXA partnership, and other initiatives we invest in, are designed to provide security, whilst maintaining the freedom and flexibility of becoming a partner with Uber.

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Professional driver licensing

Fully licensed, background checked & insured

Every Uber partner driver who uses our app in the UK has been through a licensing process with their local authority, which includes an enhanced DBS background check. They also must be fully insured.

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Business tools for drivers

Helping drivers earn more

Drivers that drive with Uber are in charge of when and where they work, and how they manage their costs. To ensure drivers make as much as possible, we provide advice and support on rates, fees and requirements. From tailored earnings advice sessions and exclusive partnerships, to regular updates on rider patterns and events in their cities, we’re there to support drivers when they’re on and off the road.


Ride or drive with us

When you drive with the Uber app you are totally free to choose if, when and where you work. There are no shifts or minimum hours. You’re in complete control.

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