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The Uber Marketplace is designed to connect new and existing driver partners with vehicle rental, leasing and finance providers that offer products designed for ridesharing. Please select one of the options below.

If you already have a rental car from a Vehicle Solutions Provider advertised on the Uber Marketplace and want to upload its insurance document, go to this page.

Don’t have a rental car yet, but we’ve asked you to upload vehicle insurance? Easy! Follow this link.

Find the solution that suits you

Need a car? Rent a car

Price per week Car Weekly km / $ per extra km Deposit / term
from $199New SUV's & Sedans1000 / $0.10 or
500 / $0.20

Joining Fee: $275 (incl. fuel discounts, Member pack & training). Minimum term: 28 days. Hand-back notice: 14 daysSee offers ›
from $232Late model Economy to 8 seater sedan1,500 / $0.20

Deposit: $200 & 1 week advance payment. Minimum term: 7 days, then no hand back noticeSee offers ›
from $210New or Near New, broad range of vehicles availableUnlimited km or
Limited km 1,400 / from $0.16

Minimum term: 3 days, no joining fee, bond $600See offers ›


Price per week Car Weekly km / $ per extra km Deposit / term
Flat weekly payment structure from $269 for a brand new, 2018 model. Near new and used models available from $239Brand new Compact, SUV, XL and Hybrids. Near new and used models also available, subject to availability1,000 / $0.10. These additional km fees are an early ownership payment and contribute directly towards owning the vehicle sooner

Membership fee ranges from $275 - $990 depending on whether you select 12 or 26-week minimum contract. 2 - 4 year vehicle ownership. Hand-back notice 2 weeks, $500 termination charge if within the first 12 months. $1 final payment to own (plus stamp duty)See offers ›

Buy a car

Price per week Car Lease type Deposit / term
From $89 per week.Multiple new and used makes and modelsLease to own at term's end

No deposit required. Term: 12 - 60 months.See offers ›

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