Dining in your city
Uber restaurant guide

Every month, millions of people use Uber to get where they're going. Not surprisingly, many of these trips start or end at restaurants and bars.

We’ve used this trip data to create a guide that reveals the most popular spots in cities across the country. Some of these restaurants might be top choices for the critics, but our guide also reveals a few places you didn’t expect. That’s because our methodology is unique—rather than a critic’s opinion, we’re using a data-driven approach that relies on where riders choose to go.

So explore this guide, discover new places, and try unique cuisines. We’ll update our rankings regularly, so check back often. And remember—when you get hungry, your Uber is always a tap away.

Types of restaurant rankings

Most popular
What are the most popular haunts in a city? Find restaurants as ranked by the highest number of dropoffs.

Local favorites
Where do locals love to eat? Get the list of top spots as determined by the total number of repeat local visitors.

It doesn’t have to be new to be trending. See which restaurants have the greatest increase in dropoffs.

Brunch spots
Why choose breakfast or lunch when you can have both? Check out the most popular restaurants during weekend brunch hours.

Weekend picks
Find restaurants, bars, and clubs as ranked by the total number of Uber requests on Friday and Saturday nights.

Date-night destinations
Special night out? Browse top restaurants determined by number of dropoffs using an Uber premium option like UberBLACK.

About our data

By analyzing Uber trip data, we’re able to understand the choices people make. That’s how we can determine the top restaurants and bars in cities around the country. However, our rankings may miss many stellar places. For instance, your regular happy hour spot next to the office may not appear in our data. The categories above rely entirely on Uber trip data sorted by time of day, type of vehicle option, and other filters. So even if your favorite happy hour place doesn’t make the list, don’t fret—there’s still lots to discover. So take a look, get hungry, and then get there with Uber.