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R&D Center

Solving transportation for the world from India

The Uber Bangalore Research & Development (R&D) Center is dedicated to creating a world with clean, decongested cities and reliable transportation everywhere, for everyone. By assembling the smartest minds in tech, we can realize our vision of solving some of the world’s biggest urban transportation challenges.

Since 2016, the Uber Bangalore R&D Center has made great strides towards realizing the company’s vision in India and globally because of our passionate and talented teams, as well as the impactful charters being innovated on from Bangalore.

Behind the act of “push a button, get a ride,” lies some of the most exciting and complex technology in maps, telematics, mobile applications, rider/partner experience, machine learning, and infrastructure at scale. If solving these types of challenges and transforming transportation at scale excites you, then you’ve come to the right place

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Team Highlights

Global Rider Access

Uber is a truly global company with many of our riders and trips coming from cities outside the U.S. and Canada. Our riders in emerging markets like India, Latin America, and EMEA face very different challenges compared to their counterparts in North America. While smartphones are taking over, feature phones still hold a substantial portion of the market share and mobile networks are congested and unreliable. Uber Bangalore’s Global Rider Access team focuses on solving these problems for our next billion riders so they can have a seamless and magical experience on the Uber platform. Our team’s objective is to develop new technologies to make this vision a reality. Such innovations include: new channels of access like progressive web apps and voice; light, resilient ride requesting flows that work across devices and network conditions; and simplifying and adapting our user booking experiences for the needs of these markets.

Vehicles Platform

The Vehicle Solutions team with Uber Bangalore is developing products to increase our rides supply at Uber by connecting potential driver-partners without vehicle access to vehicle suppliers, while ensuring sustainability for both the driver and vehicle supplier. The team builds deep integrations with strategic rental, leasing, and financing companies to provide a seamless marketplace for vehicle access. We’re on the path to creating a global partner platform through APIs and tools that allow large vehicle suppliers across the world to integrate with Uber at scale, including solutions for real-time offer management, appointment scheduling, reservations, contracts, and compliance management. This team is responsible for building our Marketplace that matches driver-partners with vehicles as well as a way for third-party suppliers to plug in their supply of vehicles on Uber platform.


The Uber Bangalore Maps team develops solutions and products to scale Uber’s global mapping efforts that involve core technologies such as search, geocoding, routing, ETA algorithms, and geospatial data pipelines. Our mission is to build and enhance mapping data and services to fundamentally improve the Uber pick-up/drop off experience for riders and diver-partners around the world. This team marries massive amounts of geolocation data to the latest mapping algorithms make key decisions around places, routes, time and price estimations.

Ad Tech

This team innovates on world-class technology that delivers ad spend efficiency through transparency, optimization, and performance at scale. We are building an ad tech platform that allows marketing teams to get the useful and relevant messages to our millions of riders, restaurant partners (on Uber Eats), delivery and driver-partners on the Uber platform. We work with some of the most cutting-edge areas of data/measurement, campaign management, customization, and allocation optimization and experimentation. If you are interested in working on petabytes of data or learning models that predict the click through rate for an ad, this team is for you.

Data and Platform Infrastructure

Data is the core of all things we do at Uber and every aspect of the Uber experience is powered by data. The Data Platform team at Uber builds the foundational services and platforms that power Uber's analytics, machine learning, AI, & business intelligence applications. These systems facilitate data ingestion, storage, streaming/batch analytics, and machine learning for thousands of operators, data scientists, and engineers at Uber. The systems we build scale for 100s of petabytes of storage and millions of queries per week. Uber’s big data analytics stack comprises of technologies such as Hadoop/HDFS, Hive, Spark, Presto, and YARN/Mesos and we are constantly exploring new solutions to improve performance.

Customer Obsession

The Customer Obsession team provides an end-to-end customer engagement platform for all Uber products for our millions of customers. Their mission is to make Uber the preferred transportation choice by delivering exceptional customer experiences through continuous investments in next-gen and proactive support systems. They are responsible for improving the user experience through data-driven, ML-supported customer service solutions.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Design Night

Uber Bangalore’s Design and Research team organized their first Design Night in Bangalore. It was also the first Uber Design Night hosted outside of our SF HQ ever organized outside of SF.

Click here for the Showreel

AdTech @ Uber

The Ad Tech team at Uber gave a sneak peak behind our burgeoning marketing technology solutions. The talk addressed real-time insights from engineers on our Data and Marketplace teams.

Uber Banglore’s First-ever Campus Orientation Program

The Bangalore Tech team hosted their first orientation program for campus hires. The event was run with an aim to celebrate the joining of the new graduate hires and make them feel welcome in the Uber family.

Uber Bangalore's Tech Talk Series

After the success of the Design Night and AdTech Talk, the Bangalore center hosted talks around Customer Obsession and Maps. Stay tuned for more such events on the Meetup page of Uber

Why join the Uber Bangalore team?

Chance to make big bold bets

Whether heading home from work, ordering a meal from a favorite restaurant, or earning extra income, Uber has changed the fabric of daily life for millions of riders and driver-partners around the world. If solving engineering and product challenges that boggle the limits of scale appeal to you, join us to architect a new model of transportation for the world.

Opportunity to improve urban transportation globally

We are architecting reliable, efficient transportation for India and other emerging markets. By building performant, high-quality systems regardless of network connectivity, device types, mapping conditions, and urban congestion we are solving the world’s most pressing engineering challenges.

Learning and innovation

Uber attracts the world’s leading technologists and researchers by providing them with a playground to tinker around with the most demanding engineering and research problems. Uber’s global infrastructure enables us to work at a scale that is unparalleled, providing unlimited opportunities for learning.

Building fast on a global scale

Our teams experiment continuously, fail fast, and are always innovating to develop the next big thing in transportation, mapping, and payments. As a fast-growing startup, Uber attracts technologists fueled by collaborative, forward-thinking ideas and a culture of innovation.

Celebrating our people

At Uber, camaraderie between colleagues extend beyond work and across offices. We partner closely with offices across the globe–San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York City, Seattle, and more. Traveling to collaborate with our international colleagues allows us to satisfy our wanderlust while building new connections. Be it Friday Employee socials (TGIFs), international travel, or fun offsites, our team has it all at Uber Bangalore.

Get a sneak peek into what happens in the Uber Bangalore tech Center by knowing the people and their journey at Uber.

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