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Engineering + Product

Solving transportation for the world from India

Uber Bangalore is dedicated to creating a world with clean, decongested cities and reliable transportation everywhere, for everyone. By assembling the smartest minds in tech, we can realize our vision of solving some of the world’s biggest urban transportation challenges.

Formed in 2016, the Uber Bangalore team has made great strides towards realizing the company’s vision in India and beyond because of our dedicated and talented team.

Behind the act of “push a button, get a ride” lies some of the most exciting and complex technology in maps, telematics, mobile applications, rider/partner experience, payments, machine learning, and infrastructure at scale. If solving these types of challenges and transforming transportation excites you, read on to learn more.

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Team Highlights

Rider and Driver

Our engineering teams are at the forefront of scaling Uber’s rider and driver technologies worldwide, with a special focus on solving transportation for emerging markets. At a fundamental level, we are optimizing the user experience for our riders and drivers around the world. On the driver-partner side, we develop intuitive, easy-to-use technologies geared towards driver onboarding, growth, and retention platforms. We approach rider technologies with the same laser sharp mindset to foster user growth and loyalty, striving to provide a frictionless trip experience.


Architecting a frictionless digital payment experience for riders and driver-partners is a key priority for the Uber Engineering team in Bangalore. By developing Uber’s payments technologies for India and Southeast Asia, our Payments team is responsible for powering tens of millions of transactions per month across our entire stack. To learn how we are architecting cash and digital payments for India and rest of the world, check out our blog below

Architecting cash and digital payments for India

Global Vehicle Platform

Our Global Vehicle Platform team is building a Vehicle Lifecycle Management platform for vehicles and fleets at Uber. This team tracks, analyzes, and improves health of vehicles in the Uber ecosystem; creates platforms that ingest, store, and analyze vehicle/telematics signals at scale. The work of this team leads to better vehicle utilization and efficiency across vehicles at Uber.


Our Maps team is responsible for directing and scaling global mapping efforts that involve core technologies such as search, geocoding, routing, ETA algorithms, and geospatial data pipelines. Our mission is to build and enhance mapping data and services to fundamentally improve the Uber pickup/dropoff experience for riders and diver partners.

Why join the Uber Bangalore team?

Chance to make big bold bets

Whether heading home from work, ordering a meal from a favorite restaurant, or earning extra income, Uber has changed the fabric of daily life for millions of riders and driver-partners around the world. If solving engineering and product challenges that boggle the limits of scale appeal to you, join us to architect a new model of transportation for the world.

Opportunity to improve urban transportation globally

We are architecting reliable, efficient transportation for India and other emerging markets. By building performant, high-quality systems regardless of network connectivity, device types, mapping conditions, and urban congestion we are solving the world’s most pressing engineering challenges.

Learning and innovation

Uber attracts the world’s leading technologists and researchers by providing them with a playground to tinker around with the most demanding engineering and research problems. Uber’s global infrastructure enables us to work at a scale that is unparalleled, providing unlimited opportunities for learning.

Building fast on a global scale

Our teams experiment continuously, fail fast, and are always innovating to develop the next big thing in transportation, mapping, and payments. As a fast-growing startup, Uber attracts technologists fueled by collaborative, forward-thinking ideas and a culture of innovation.

Celebrating our people

At Uber, camaraderie between colleagues extend beyond work and across offices. We partner closely with offices across the globe–San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York City, Seattle, and more. Traveling to collaborate with our international colleagues allows us to satisfy our wanderlust while building new connections. Be it Friday Employee socials (TGIFs), international travel, or fun offsites, our team has it all at Uber Bangalore.

Uber Bangalore Engineering Blog

The Uber Engineering blog gives an inside look at our technologies from the perspective of our engineers and data scientists.

Read the latest article from Uber Bangalore below.

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