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Safety, Security & Insurance

Uber is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. The Safety & Insurance team sits at the core of Uber’s business. They're working to redefine what safety on the road means on a global scale.

Inside Safety, Security & Insurance


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  • We provide both timely, accurate, and actionable insights, as well as analytical solutions that drive safety and deliver insurance.

  • Our mission is to keep our people safe. We monitor global events and incidents, assess risk, and identify threats. Using a data-driven, risk-based approach, we assign security support, allocate resources and design processes to protect our people and assets.

  • On the Insurance team, we anticipate and minimize risks. We're ready to respond should things go wrong for riders, drivers, and the company.

  • You can count on us to deliver a fast, accurate, and empathetic response to every reported safety incident, while gathering robust data and insights that enable future incident prevention.

  • Our mission is to is to make Uber the mobility platform that law enforcement trusts most; through global engagement, partnership, and response.

    To keep our customers safe, Uber works closely with Law Enforcement departments across the globe. Our global Law Enforcement Operations team consists of highly motivated individuals who share a passion for safety and privacy.

  • On the Safety Brand team, we work to align our global marketing teams to share our safety product features, efforts, and story with the world. We partner with industry experts in rider safety, human trafficking, and road safety to make the road safer for all.

  • We ensure our global rides and eats businesses operate with the highest possible safety standards.

  • We leverage tech to help make Uber a trusted choice for accessing transportation, and support our customers with empathy and care when things go wrong.

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