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Talent Acquisition Academy Program

Better known as TAAP, this 16-week accelerated journey is designed to train people with little to no recruiting experience into full-time Uber Sourcers and Recruiters. Whether you’re just returning to the workforce or making an intentional career shift, TAAP provides all the training, mentorship, and support you need to leave ready to help Uber find and hire top talent and thrive.

TAAP into our nurturing community

Great minds don’t think alike

When we reflect the diversity of the people who connect on our platform, we make better decisions that benefit the world. TAAP provides career opportunities to people who bring diverse backgrounds and are up to the challenge of creating a better world.

School of experience

We believe in learning by doing and that there’s no better classroom than real-world experience. TAAP members are trained in a practicum environment with subject matter experts from across the talent acquisition community.

Supportive community

TAAP members and graduates are provided with mentors and a community committed to ensuring their success at Uber and beyond.

Inside TAAP

  • TAAP changed our lives and it can change yours too

    "TAAP allowed me to translate the skills obtained from my military career into helping people follow their career goals," shares Tomiwa Akinbayo. Read on to meet Tomiwa, Leslie, Calvin, and Binti and hear how TAAP helped them find the next chapter in their careers.

  • How two former professional athletes, a teacher and chef are building their next chapter at Uber

    "To me, TAAP is more than just a team or program. We support and help each other succeed," shares Hannah Brock, who founded TAAP in 2019.

  • Uber values

    At Uber we’re reimagining the way the world moves for the better. We are helping people go anywhere and get anything. And we do it on a global scale, at the speed of now.


The TAAP Journey

Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

Training begins

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at Uber on the TAAP team as a new Sourcer or Recruiter. Your first 4 weeks will be spent in an immersive training experience designed to teach you the fundamentals of hiring the Uber way. You will learn how to source and evaluate high potential candidates, build business and product knowledge, and how to partner with hiring managers and teams.

Mentor matching

During training, you will be matched with a mentor who can provide guidance throughout the program and after graduation. Mentors can provide in-the-moment advice and skills coaching to ensure that you always have someone to lean on for support.

Sourcing and recruiting rotations

After classroom training is complete, the TAAP program team matches you with your first sourcing or recruiting assignment across priority hiring teams—from engineering to marketing. It’s time to show what you’ve learned and recruit and hire real candidates, all while continuing to be in a supportive training environment.


After 16 weeks of training, you are officially ready to graduate! TAAP graduates are matched to best-fit roles and placed on full-time Recruiting teams across Talent Acquisition at Uber.

No experience. No problem.

“I spent seven years as a high school Math Teacher. This was the perfect opportunity for me to take my skills and apply them to a new career path while having the support of others going through the same journey," Jessica Stubbs, former TAAP member.


  • A Soucer is a nimble talent scout responsible for finding people to fill some of our most important roles across Uber. Recruiters work closely with Sourcers, focused on the back-end of the candidate lifecycle, creating employment offers, and closing the candidate experience.

  • TAAP is 16 weeks long from start to graduation.

  • Yes. Beginning on day one of the program, all TAAP hires are full-time Uber employees and receive access to all benefits.

  • TAAP cohort members are matched to permanent positions across Talent Acquisition teams.

  • We are looking for individuals with no prior industry Sourcing or Recruiting experience, who meet the following basic qualifications. Minimum 2 years of professional experience.

  • TAAP can be either virtual, hybrid, or in-person depending on Uber’s local return to office guidelines in the location where each TAAP cohort is based.