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Get your ride right with Uber Reserve

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride.¹ Request your ride up to 90 days ahead with Uber Reserve, so getting there is the last thing on your mind.

Where from?
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Reliably on time

Our technology helps ensure that you’re picked up on time for a stress-free ride.²

Ready when you are

Your ride is on your schedule, with up to 5 minutes of wait time included.³

Tailored for you

Ride options for every budget and occasion.

Perfect for travel

Reservations available to major airports.


Tap the Reserve icon in your updated Uber app. Reserve at least 30 minutes in advance.

Receive confirmation

Reference your reservation details in the app and review your assigned driver within 20 minutes of your pickup. Cancel at no charge up to one hour in advance.⁴


Meet your driver outside within the wait time included in your reservation. Enjoy the ride.

¹When you request an Uber Reserve trip, the trip price you see will be an estimate that includes a reservation fee, which may vary depending on the location of the pickup address and/or the day and time of your trip. This fee is paid by riders for their driver's additional wait time and time/distance spent traveling to the pickup location.

²Uber doesn’t guarantee that a driver will accept your ride request. Your ride is confirmed once you receive your driver details. Uber Reserve is available in select cities.

³Wait time varies based on the vehicle option you select.

⁴You can cancel at no charge up to 60 minutes before your reservation pickup time. If you cancel less than 60 minutes before your reservation, you’ll be charged the fixed cancellation fee for your driver’s time (varies with city). You will not be charged a cancellation fee if no driver has confirmed your trip yet. You will receive a notification when your driver is on the way.