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The Engineering team at Uber builds the technologies that power our platform and reimagines the way the world moves for the better. We thrive on the scale of our global footprint, the gratification of solving hard challenges for millions of users around the world, and being at the forefront of smart experiences and technologies.

Meet our team

Being an engineer at Uber means shipping at an immense scale, solving problems you won't see anywhere else, and rising to the challenge of creating a better world.


Building at Uber Engineering

Deep dive into technology behind Uber Engineering.

  • Demand and ETR Forecasting at Airports

    Home-grown technology ensures that every internal and external money movement (payments, promotion grants/redemption or expiry, credits, tolls, taxes) is completely accounted for. Uber has automated complex compliance computation activity for millions of trips per day. Learn how directed acyclic graph (DAG) has been used to solve audit at internet scale.

  • Identifying Green Vehicles for a Zero-Emission Future

    Uber will be a zero-emission platform by 2040 and we’re building tech to pave the way toward a sustainable future. Discover how Uber’s Green Vehicle Identification system is powering low-emission ride options, reducing carbon emissions, and unlocking earning potential for drivers.

  • Spark Analysers: Catching Anti-Patterns In Spark Apps

    Uber runs more than 100K big data workloads per day using Apache Spark. At that scale it's crucial to write optimized apps. The Delivery Data Solutions team built Spark Analysers, a real-time system to catch anti-patterns in the Spark application at Uber scale, helping Uber developers optimize their apps.


Inside Uber Engineering


Explore our Engineering teams

  • Core Services Engineering develops and manages the commerce platforms that power all Uber apps. Operating across 70+ countries and processing millions of transactions per second, the team works to meet the evolving needs of Uber's current and future businesses.

  • When you build platforms, products, and tools at Uber, you’re powering millions of daily trips and users across our platform. Platform Engineering is the foundation behind every Uber team and product, creating the essential infrastructure to run our distributed systems, scaled services, and mobile apps––from monitoring, deployment, and language systems, to provisioning open source software.

  • The Mobility and Delivery Tech team enables riders, consumers, couriers, and merchants to seamlessly connect to the Uber platform with the click of a button. This team launches new and innovative features by leveraging AI and ML, delivers large-scale platform capabilities to improve user and business operations, seamlessly integrates with third parties, and delivers the best user experience across our services.

Engineering Jobs