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Boost results with promotions

Sales and marketing teams are using rides and meals to help drive demand and increase engagement.

How sales and marketing teams use our platform

  • Generate demand with promotions

    Add buzz to your marketing efforts with promotions built around complimentary rides and meals. A superb tool for customer acquisition.

  • Drive foot traffic

    If you pay for it, they will come. Subsidize rides taken to and from your store. Great for grand openings and to keep customers coming back.

  • Increase event participation

    The more people who show up to your event, the better. Use Vouchers to offer rides to live events or meal delivery for virtual events.

  • Enhance loyalty programs

    Show your appreciation for your most important customers by making transportation and meal perks part of your loyalty program.

  • Reach more prospects

    Offer to cover the cost of lunch by sending vouchers to your top sales prospects. Food always helps to get the conversation started.

  • Improve survey participation

    Use Uber gift cards as an incentive for completing your next marketing survey. It’s hard to pass up a free ride or meal.


The tools and features you need to drive results

Build promotions with ease

Create vouchers in an instant and distribute by email, text, and other channels. Assign unique codes or a generic code for all.

Pay only for vouchers used

With Vouchers, you only pay for the ride and meals that your customers redeem, and you can track redemption status from our dashboard.

Control your costs

Set ride and meal limits on your Voucher promotions based on day, time, location, and budget. We make it easy to stick to your budget.

Improving virtual events

As more marketing events go virtual, we’re helping businesses find new ways to drive attendance and keep engagement high.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.