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Your company’s commute made easy

Your employees don’t have to struggle with a daily drive. Offer the benefit of a commute program so they can reliably get to and from the office with ease.

Looking to transport large groups of employees? Learn more about employee shuttle solutions here.

Customizable programs for your team

Door-to-door commute

Cover the full cost or a portion of your employees’ rides with Uber. We’ve introduced new COVID-19 safety measures for the well-being of your employees.

First and last mile

Help your team get to and from public transit stations. Cover the cost of a ride to help them pay for that last little bit.

Late-night rides

Get your employees home reliably after dark by covering the cost of a ride with Uber, no matter how late.

Get your team riding today

Customize your program

Set up the commute program that works for your employees. Control how much of the cost will be covered, what times they can ride, and which vehicle type they can request.

Add your employees

Invite your team to join your company's account. You can invite them individually, upload a CSV file, or sync with your employee management system.

Have employees request rides

Whenever your employees need a ride, they can simply switch to their business profile and request one in the Uber app.

How a commute program can help your business

Stress-free, reliable rides

From COVID-19 safety checklists to mandatory driver background checks, we’ve taken steps to make safety a priority.

Perks that set you apart

Attract and retain the best talent by offering rides with Uber as part of your commuter benefits.

Tools to help you control costs

Save on parking and annual transportation costs. It’s easy to set limits on location and time of day.

“When normal commuting options were not available, Uber for Business offered a great way for essential employees to travel into lower Manhattan each day.”

Stacey Cunningham, President, NYSE

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.

  • Uber allows companies to set up a corporate account, create commute program, manage transportation expenses for their employees. With this program, businesses can provide their employees with free rides to work, meetings, or other business-related activities.

  • Employees can request a ride at any time of day. Admins can set up commute programs within the Uber for Business dashboard to cover late-night rides for employees by setting time, location, and spending restrictions.

  • Admins can set up a commute program within the Uber for Business dashboard to provide partial or full commute benefits. The admin can customize the program for certain employees, times of day, spending amounts, and locations to ensure that the benefit is being used for its intended purpose.

  • Two ways that admins can help decrease the likelihood of fraud are by setting restrictions and viewing employee activity within the Uber for Business dashboard.

  • Riders can easily access key safety information, get emergency assistance, and share their location, all from the Uber app. Admins also have visibility into employees' trips from the admin dashboard. Plus, Uber for Business is integrated with International SOS to enhance visibility for companies.