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Equal at Uber

Uber’s community for socioeconomic inclusion

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve a better reflection of the communities we serve by promoting the professional advancement of employees from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in our organization.

What we stand for

Internal growth

Unlock internal growth of employees from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds


Promote a diverse pipeline and ensure an unbiased recruiting process


Bring employees from different socioeconomic backgrounds together

Featured members


In Brazil

We started the program Moving Forward with English First to provide Uber-sponsored English classes to S-ladder employees in LatAm. Another initiative was to take Brazil’s leadership team to experience-based training; our goal was to educate and raise awareness about Uber's different realities. Leaders engaged in a workshop and shadowed CSRs/Experts in our COE/GL, from their house at the beginning of the day to public transportation to work and back at the end of the day.

In India

We sponsored and helped launch the First Generation Graduate Program for drivers. First Generation Graduate Program is an initiative to run a 6-month internship where we hire 6 promising interns related to our driver-partners who are first in the family to attain a graduate degree. We received more than 100 applications from drivers in Hyderabad and rolled out internships to 14 first-generation graduates.

In Mexico

We held an event in Mexico City bringing together everyone in the Uber community. We partnered with Reforestamos, an NGO dedicated to environmental causes, as well as the local government to clean up a local park (including picking up garbage, cleaning the lake, and repainting the sidewalk). In addition, we had a picnic lunch and T-shirts for all participants, and we held a group activity to highlight the importance of socioeconomic diversity.