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Airport Queue

We introduce the Airport Queue system to increase the efficiency for our partners to receive requests. This method can assure driver will receive the request on a first come, first served basis. Say no more to unfair waiting line at the airport.

How does Airport Queue work?

You will automatically join a virtual queue once you enter the Airport, Aircraft Maintenance Area and Tung Chung region (see figure to the right). The line is first in first out. When a rider requests a ride, the partner who has been waiting the longest and is in the area will receive the request first, followed by the second partner, and so on. If you go offline, turn off your mobile phone, leave designated area or miss any dispatch when you are in the queue, you will be dequeued by the system automatically.

Where should I wait?

You can wait anywhere within the boundaries. It doesn’t matter how close or far you are to the requester, as long as you stay within the area.

To check your position in the queue

  1. Your position in the queue will be displayed on top of the screen once you enter the airport waiting area
  2. You can request to see the number of drivers waiting in queue by clicking the plane icon when you are not in airport waiting area.

Received a short trip travel between the airport, Aircraft Maintenance Area and Tung Chung?

Don't worry! You will be automatically ranked first in the queueing system once you complete the ride between airport, Aircraft Maintenance Area and Tung Chung.

**Please be reminded that it takes approx. 12 minutes driving from the Aircraft Maintenance Area to P1/P4. If your queuing position is within the top 5, we would suggest you to start driving to the car park area.

**There are 2 separated queues for Black and UberX vehicles. Drivers who offer both services will be allocated to the shorter queue.

How to pick up riders in Airport?

Riders may choose one of the below spots as their desired pickup location:

Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong (next to bus stop) or

G/F Multi-Storey Carpark 4 or

2/F Multi-Storey Carpark 4 or

Car Park 1 or

HKIA Tower

*Car Park 1 and 4 provide 30-minute complimentary parking to any vehicles once within any 3-hour period. Full fees will be charged for vehicles parking over 30 minutes from the time of entry to Car Park 1 or Car Park 4 (the total staying period of Indoor and Outdoor Zone). Please be reminded that the parking fee is ineligible for reimbursement.

*Pickup locations may vary depending on the riders' requests.

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