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Only pay when they ride

Get a full suite of services to manage all your ground transportation.

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For your business

Gain visibility

An activity dashboard with detailed, downloadable trip info offers at-a-glance insights for review and/or real-time notifications to your inbox.

Simplify billing

By paying per trip or monthly with one payment method—and getting monthly statements—you’ll reduce complexity.

Set it and forget it

Set travel permissions, get trip memos, and apply expense codes—it’s a great way to ensure your team follows your travel policy, automatically.

Get support

Our dedicated Business Support team is available to help your business every step of the way.

When they take rides

Eliminate expensing hassles

Let your employees charge your Uber for Business account directly from their Uber app.

Keep them safe

Advanced safety technology ensures a seamless pickup experience, safe driving, and additional insurance.

Leverage the familiar app

Your Uber for Business account connects directly to the Uber app your employees may already be using.

Go local or global

Your teams get reliable, on-demand rides in more than 63 countries and 700 cities.

Easily add employees

Inviting and adding new people to Uber for Business account makes it easy to toggle between personal and business profiles.

When you send rides

Gain efficiencies

Provide scheduled rides for multiple customers at once, without the overhead.

Improve loyalty

Give your customers a reliable, on-demand ride that’s conveniently billed through the all-in-one Uber for Business platform.

More ways to save


Free to set up–no upfront fees or minimum spend required.

Flexible payment

Pay with a credit card on a manual or automatic, monthly basis.

Automated expensing

Once you've started, your team will never have to expense a work-related ride again. And you'll never have to deal with a stack of receipts either.