Save 30% on your next 3 rides!

3 मार्च, 2017 / भारत
फ़ेसबुक पर साझा करेंयह लिंक नई विंडो में खुलती हैट्विटर पर साझा करेंयह लिंक नई विंडो में खुलती हैगूगल+ पर साझा करेंयह लिंक नई विंडो में खुलती हैईमेल करें


We’ve teamed up with Paytm to put your money where it belongs, in your pocket! Now, ride with Paytm to get 30% cashback up to ₹100 on your next 3 rides, until 12th March.

Fire up the Uber app, and make Paytm Wallet the default payment method on your profile.

What are you waiting for? No promo code required – Tap. Request. Ride!


  1. Add ₹350 or your estimated trip fare (whichever is higher) and select Paytm as the payment method
  2. Get riding to enjoy 30% cashback in your Paytm Wallet on your next 3 trips


  • This offer is valid in Delhi only
  • This offer is only valid for the eligible riders receiving this communication via e-mail and SMS
  • 30% cashback up to ₹100 per ride paid via Paytm Wallet between 6th to 12th March, 2017
  • Cashback Applicable on the first 3 trips successfully paid via Paytm
  • Cashback Applicable for riders using Paytm as a payment method for the first time on Uber
  • Cashbacks will be credited to your Paytm Wallet within 2 working days of your ride
  • Cashbacks will be applicable only on successfully paid rides within offer duration
  • Cashback applicable only for riders with same registered mobile number on Uber and linked Paytm wallet on Uber app