#UberToBieber: Justin Bieber World Purpose Tour is here

4 मई, 2017 / पुणे

Pune, get ready to grab a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME chance to go to Mumbai and witness Grammy award winner and global pop sensation live in action! With only 5 days to go, here’s your last and final chance to be at the most awaited event of the year Justin Bieber World Purpose Tour, Mumbai

Uber has teamed up with White Fox India to make this experience a truly memorable one!

First, we’ve lined up a delicious drunch at Independence Brewing Co. (IBC), followed by our #UberToBieber Party Bus with goodies and Bieber songs to get the Belieber in you kicking! Finally, arrive at the venue to watch Justin Bieber perform live in action, along with special guest star Alan Walker.

Too good to be true, right? Get a chance to experience all of this, at the tap of a button!