Together, Let’s Move Forward!

21 सितंबर, 2016 / भारत

Each day is made up of millions of amazing stories – stories of dignity, of empowerment, of dreams and of achievements. At Uber, we hear them when a driver-partner sends us a thank you note written by his daughter. We hear them when a rider writes to us about being able to travel across the city for a job she always dreamed of.  As each of us move forward in our lives, we want to celebrate these stories.

With real life anecdotes, the campaign uncovers delightful ways in which people experience Uber. It aims to celebrate the zeal of partners and riders who have set forth to achieve their goals and reassure them that Uber will always be part of their journey.

Here is Shankar’s story:

Everyday, technology eases our life and help us do the things that we really want to do. It brings us closer to the people we love, by removing the boundaries of distance and time. It empowers us to do the things that were once difficult.

One such story is that of the Reddys. Watch how an 80 year young couple gives their loved one a sweet sweet surprise.

When we request a uberPOOL ride, we’re not necessarily looking for serendipitous encounters—but guess what? Life is full of surprises. And we never know who we’ll meet. We’ve heard from uberPOOL riders around the world about their surprising, funny, and moving stories.

Here’s one such story:

We’d love to hear your Uber story – it could be as simple as making your commute back from office comfortable or meeting an interesting rider on a Pool trip. Share your story with us using #MoveForward! 


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