Jodhpur, here are some new features to make your Uber experience better!

9 दिसंबर, 2016 / भारत

We’re always working hard to ensure that you get a reliable ride whenever you need one, and that you have a seamless experience right from booking your Uber, to paying for the ride after you reach your destination.
So we’re excited to announce that we have added a plethora of new features that are aimed to improve your Uber experience even further:

1) Scheduled rides:

For all those times when you want to plan ahead, you can schedule your ride 15 minutes to 30 days in advance and have the comfort of knowing your Uber will be there when it’s time to head out. For details, please click here.

Pool Map of Chennai

2) Up-front fares:

You are used to knowing the full price of a product before you buy it, then why should your Uber rides be any different? Now entering your destination in the Uber app is an essential step for booking your car, and it helps us tell you exactly how much your ride is going to cost. No more maths, no more surprises.

This feature will be available to every user in the coming weeks. For FAQs, please click here.

3) Shorter ETA:

If you enter your destination our driver-partners can receive their next trip before the current trip is over and this feature makes sure you get your Uber as soon as possible! This ensures that the driver-partner does not have to wait for their next trip, and at the same time your Uber arrives much sooner.

4) Reach your destination faster:

To ensure you reach your destination in the minimum possible time, Uber takes you through the shortest or the most efficient route possible. When you enter your destination in the app, we automatically guide your Uber driver-partner through the best route available. This also makes sure that you do not have to give any directions to your destination, just sit back and relax!

And if the destination has been entered, the app will also show your estimated time of arrival, so you can plan ahead! Useful, isn’t it?

With the introduction of these new features, we are re-structuring the fare for uberGO. Here is the complete fare structure: